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Union Of Definition Mens Legend T Shirt Tee Top Blue Sports Gym Breathable -
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  • Union Of Definition Legend Short Sleeved T-Shirt Complete your workout in non-restricted comfort with the Union Of Definition Legend Short Sleeved T-Shirt. The ultra-lightweight material is stretchable, as well as having supreme moisture management which will keep you feeling fresh. As your exercise intensifies, you start to produce more sweat, which the t-shirt will then react with. Sweat is absorbed by the material, removing it from the skin where it then will be wicked away by the material. In addition to this, the material allows air to flow in and out of the t-shirt easily. This means that the hot air trapped against the skin is able to find a way out through the fabric, which will then be replaced by cooler air from outside. This will make sure that the skin, and ultimately the body won't overheat. The relaxed fit of the shirt will mean that it will fit in a non-restrictive and flattering style. The sleeves will allow a wide range of movement, which will make upper-body exercise easy to do. Within the t-shirt, the seams are flat-lying. This means that the risk of irritation from rubbing and chafing will be reduced, as the seams will sit gently on the body. Made from cotton and elastane, the t-shirt is able to stretch without any lasting damage from occurring.

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